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Make Money Online Now With Blog SEO

Blogging is becoming a very popular thing in the internet world lately because people are realizing that you can actually make money online now with good blogging techniques. If you know what you're doing with a blog, then chances are you can monetize it and make a good buck doing it.

The problem for most people is that they write up a decent post, but they don't know where to go from there, and then they think it's just not working. That's where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in handy.

There are a few decent ways to optimize your blog for the search engines to help you make money online now so that the search engines spider your site and make your posts available when someone does a Google search for a topic within your post.

One way to SEO your blog is to do what you would do with your main website – that is, start with your domain name. For example, my site and blog are about honest money making, so I created the domain using those keywords to incorporate the terms "honest money making" in my domain name itself.

If you want to attract the "make money online now" crowd, you could use those keywords in your domain. This is a good trick to getting more recognition in and traffic from the search engines. You can do the same for your blog domain name.

The next thing to consider when creating a blog is to modify your blog template so that your main keywords, like "make money online now", are included in your title, description, and headers.

When you do a search and arrive at a new site, you will see a blue title bar at the top of the page, as well as a site description and large headings.

In your template, you can change the words in the "title", "description", and "h1" or "h2" tags to be whatever keywords you want to attract traffic with. These keywords will be the prominent words in your site's listings in the search engines, so use a good keyword research tool, and choose wisely!

You may decide to choose 10 or 11 good keywords for your blog, and put the most important ones, like "make money online now" in your domain, title, description, and headers, and then use the other keywords you are targeting within your blog posts.

I like to focus on only one keyword per post and sprinkle it throughout the post. Overdoing it can backfire on you and appear more like a spam post that you may get penalized for, so use the general rule of no more than one keyword per paragraph, and you should be okay.

Something the search engines really like is when you place links within your blog posts using your chosen keywords and linking back to your main site, or internal pages of your site.

You may even find that the more deep, internal links you have to other pages on your blog or site, the more traffic you will get than if you always point back to just your main site.

If I use the keywords "make money online now" as a link in my blog post, I would be better off to point that link to another blog post I made earlier on making money online, for example.

You may already know that the search engines read your site from top to bottom and left to right. This means that if you have a left column for your site, it will read from the top of that left column to the bottom of that left column before actually reading your blog post.

This is quite significant to know because this means that the more blog post links you have in that left column pointing to your previous posts, the more easily the search engine spiders will pick up and index those keywords. Make sure you set up your blog template to include your blog's previous and archived posts on the left.

Don't forget to make regular daily posts, and ping your blog after each post you make. This will notify the search engines that your blog has new content to spider.

If you follow these SEO blog tips, then you will get new traffic to your blog, and find that you will make money online now! Blog traffic can translate to making money if you do it right!

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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Multiple Income Streams.

One of the most important things when looking for extra income online is to look for multiple income streams. I have tried to list a few in this blog and i am actively involved with a few that are listed, some work better than others but the most important thing is to dip your toe in the water. I also trade the currency markets on a relatively small scale and i will be posting some more info on this in the coming weeks. But what you will find with all successful online marketers is that they do not rest on their laurels, they are always looking at the latest technology and the latest opportunities. Good luck


Make money with youtube.

Make Money Online - Let's Take A Look At What Works And What To Do

Some people think making money online is difficult and when they see adverts talking about making money online they think it's a lie that someone out there is trying to take their money, just because they've not been able to figure out how to make money online. What we are going to look at is what works in other for us to make money online. You would discover simple guidelines to follow in other for you to start generating profit online, remember this is not one of those hypes you have come across in order to get your money. What I am going to show is what works and this is what people who are making money online are using to pull in internet profits.

The first secret weapon to making money online is to identify a niche market, once you have done that; you should try to become an expert in that market so as to differentiate your offers and create your own unique selling proposition, as this will help you stand out from the crowd since the competition online is fiery, you should avoid mass market. Once you have identified a niche market then narrow your area of concentration within that niche. For instance if you found out your targeted niche is music videos, within these niche you have hip-hop music videos , R n B music videos and so on, just pick out a specific segment within that niche and concentrate on that area instead of just music videos because music videos is a general term. The next thing should find out if you want to make money online, is to find out what people are buying online and supply the market with what it needs, very simple.

In order to know what are in hot demand online, you will need to do a keyword search and you will have to think about where people would go about searching for information they are willing to pay for and the answer to that is or, though there are other good search engines but this two are the major search engine used by surfers. Then you have to find out the number of times a particular word was searched the previous month and you can obtain these keywords using some free online tools to find out the demand of any particular keyword. Some of the free ware used by web marketers is Goodkeywords and you can obtain it by downloading the Goodkeywords online and enter any keyword that you think is in hot demand and the number of times the particular keyword was search will appear, for instance you can enter make money online or music videos and the number of searches for the previous month will appear.

Also you need to have your own website and opt-in list, these is one sure way to make money online as these will help you keep track of visitors to your site, since most visitors hardly buy on their first visit, but once you have their emails then you can do a follow up, and failure to get the emails of visitors to your site will reduce the amount of money you will make online.

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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Secret Tips To Find Profitable Niches Online That Make Money Online

If you have been hearing from friends or neighbors that people are making money online and still quite skeptical about it. Well I will be very frank with you it's 100% truth! However, only 10% of the hundreds people starting online business everyday succeed. If you like to know what they did, I would recommend you take some paper or open a note pad to take down some notes.

The myth about people making online is very real! From my 16 months of experiencing marketing online and making a nice living now from it many online marketers would always buy books or courses to learn from. In fact even I myself started reading courses online before I actually knew how people make money online. Most of the time I would using my guide book as the stepping stone to remind me of the process involved before I even get start making money online.

Step 1 - Find Out What You Like Best

Before you even start finding out niches or things you want to sell you have to list down at least 10 hobbies or interest that you have currently. PLEASE DO NOT miss this important step as it totally changed my life after I did just this simple work. When you fill up this list of 10 things you love to do the most you would instantly know what is your strong points and every individual have their own strong points.

Step 2 - Do A Research Online

There are many online research tools you can find online and some even require you to pay a premium to find out what people are looking for online. However lots of people made lots of mistake when it comes to keyword research. Keyword research cannot be done in just one day, normally a proper keyword research will take about 3 full days to complete. I often would use free tool to check on the search phrases and demand online.

Also because the data collected is not 100% accurate and some even say it's useless as many SEO experts would agree but at least there is some form of references you can compare online. The free tool will actually show you what is the keyword demand that people are looking for online. So let's say we type in Internet Marketing , you will find a demand of over 178,835 search per month in Overture's network and a competition of 392,000,000 for the term Internet Marketing. Some SEO Experts claim that is the wrong way to search as it's a broad term search. Some SEO Experts would just use "Internet Marketing" then Internet Marketing to search for competition online, however I find it strange to do that as most often who would type in "Internet Marketing" in Google? Not really many I must say.

Because of that reason I always use normal phrase to search for competition to find really good niches with little competition to feed the demand online.

Step 3 - Feet The Need

Once you have found a keyword that has high demand and low competition, you would know exactly what type of needs people really need online. All you need to do is go to networks like Clickbank or Commission Junction to find products to feed those need.

Here are just some of the HOTTEST niches online

1. Sex

2. Viagra

3. Gambling

4. Real Estate

5. Loans

6. Make Money Online

You will noticed most of the niches online are pretty much what human real need are. Although it is not widely said online but it's no doubt that Sex is the No.1 niche market on the Internet. You will be surprised the amount of money generate for both Sex and Gambling itself it's HUGE!

Step 4 - Generate Traffic And List

As a full time blogger and internet marketer, I found out that using blogs and squeeze page are the two most powerful tools you can use to grab leads online. This blog you are reading is generating over 10 to 20 leads per day! That's CRAZY if you ask me. Why are leads important? For one simple reason, you need customers to communicate with so that you can update them with the latest products and services

Step 5 - Focus And Create A Game Plan

Many people failed to make money online because they lacked to focus their attention online and it can be easily distracting especially when you are running your business at home where your bed is SO CLOSE to you... It takes lots of patience actually to see some form of results when you start your online business. I remembered my first check I got online was only $17.80, although it was small but that money earned did not require me to do off line sales talk.

And that's it! Actually I am really tired especially just came back from some army training but I very much wanted to share with you guys as I felt you guys would know the whole truth how people really make money online. If you are smart just print out this article follow what I say you WILL see results if you are consistent and focus for the next 4 weeks!

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Tuesday, 6 October 2009